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In 1946, the Parliament of Canada passed the Atomic Energy Control Act and established the Atomic Energy Control Board…

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Transport of NORM falls under provincial jurisdiction unless the activities of the NORM shipment are greater than 70 Bq/g….

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Occupational Health and Safety Regulations requires training for workers if an employer has the potential to subject a worker…

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Radioactive materials are found everywhere in our environment. Typically concentrations of radioactive materials found are low, however, higher concentrations or deposits can also be found such as in Saskatchewan’s Uranium Mines or North East British Columbia’s Oilfields. All industries which produce our natural resources can concentrate these radioactive materials to levels that pose health hazards to workers, the general public and the environment.

NormTek specializes in helping industries manage these materials and navigate the complex regulatory environment. Our experience dates back to the Alberta Energy Regulators  first wellbore in Alberta found to contain NORM.