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NormTek provides cradle to grave
NORM management solutions.

NormTek provides cradle to grave NORM management solutions to resource based industries that generate NORM. These services are completed both at generator sites and at NormTek’s Fort St. John decontamination facility. All projects completed under the direction of qualified Radiation Safety Officers (RSO’s) and overseen by the projects Radiation Protection Officers (RPO’s). Utilization of NormTek’s qualified professionals ensures proper radiation protection requirements are maintained in accordance with Canada’s Occupational Health and Safety, Waste management and complex radiation protection regulations.


NormTek employs numerous monitoring methods, instruments and surveys techniques to complete documented assessments in accordance with Canada’s radiation protection principles and practices. These assessments are provided to clients to verify compliance with NORM regulations and provide the applicable information necessary for worker protection.

Radiation safety officers have the experience to ensure safety of workers and the proper handling of NORM waste.



Gamma radiation screening surveys are used to detect gamma radiation being emitted from equipment or waste. This allows operators to verify the existence of NORM within process equipment for maintenance planning and verifies appropriate management of waste. All facilities within NORM producing industries should have an initial gamma radiation screening survey completed to verify if NORM is present at their facilities or worksites.

Normtek only uses certified radiation safety personnel to complete gamma radiation screening surveys.

Contamination surveys are used to detect the presence of alpha and beta radiation on equipment or work surfaces. Not all NORM isotopes emit gamma radiation levels that are detectable with standard gamma radiation monitors, such as Lead 210. Contamination surveys are also effective in verifying if contamination exists on personnel or equipment prior to removal from control areas.

Contamination surveys ensure workers do not spread radioactive materials outside areas where workers are not wearing appropriate PPE.


Radiation Surveys are used to verify the exposure to workers. Dose estimates can be based off both external exposure pathways and internal exposure pathways. Radiation Surveys are used to determine the NORM management classification of a worksite.

GPS NORM Surveys are used to verify contamination on sites and provide detailed assessments for planning and remediation.

Swipe Tests are used to verify removable surface contamination. Swipes are counted in particle counters to verify the presence of surface contamination in work areas or on equipment and tools. In addition, swipes are used to verify contamination is not present in areas where contamination should not be. These include lunch rooms, offices and vehicles.

Low Level Radioactive Dust (LLRD) Monitoring is completed using air monitoring pumps to verify air quality at a worksite.

Low level radioactive dust monitor provides exposure data of personnel in the event of respirator malfunction and verifies work area’s that require controls.

Radon Gas Testing is completed to verify levels of Radon gas at a worksite. Worksites with elevated levels of Radium 226 within buildings should conduct Radon gas testing to verify if additional radiation protection measures necessary for worker protection.

Radiation Safety Officers provide onsite services to ensure compliance with OH&S regulations by informing workers of the hazards to NORM exposures, developing site specific radiation protection plans based of operation being undertaken, completing appropriate transportation documents and ensuring appropriate records are maintained to ensure regulatory compliance.

Radiation Safety Officers have the expertise to monitor radioactive materials in accordance with OH&S regulations.

NORM Decontamination Services of equipment are provided by NormTek. These services are provided both on-site or at NormTek’s licensed facility located in Fort St. John B.C. Ultra High Pressure water blasting technology allows any equipment to be safely decontaminated to unrestricted derived release limits as outlined by Health Canada’s Canadian NORM Guidelines. .

NormTek’s decontamination unit is capable of providing vacuum collection of waste, filtering of wash waters and providing ultra-high waterjet pressures 40,000 PSI all in one unit.

Waste Management Services include waste consolidation, tracking and disposal. NormTek utilizes a fleet of open top Roll Off waste bins for equipment collection, Small bins (3m3) for on site waste management and vacuum roll of containers for collection of vessel and tank bottoms waste.

Radiation Protection Training is a regulatory requirement for workers who handle NORM impacted materials. NormTek has developed on line NORM awareness training designed to provide workers with the necessary information they need to work safely. In addition Normtek provides a classroom based Advanced NORM Awareness training for supervisors and can custom design training programs to meet individual corporate needs.

Radiation Protection Programs are a regulatory requirement for employers who’s employee’s handle NORM impacted materials or waste. NormTek has Radiation Protection Officers experienced in development and implementation of these programs as well as field level  Radiation Safety Officers capable to oversee their implementation.

Radiochemical Analysis is completed with NormTek’s mobile laboratory. Analysis can be completed on site to ensure timely transportation and disposal of NORM impacted waste.